Edifício do


The Edifício do PARQUE fills a gap in the housing market in the city of Loulé. Being a gated community designed for sustainability, this project, created by Atelier Carvalho Araújo, results from the balance between a carefree lifestyle and timeless elegance.

The Edifício do PARQUE defends a privileged relationship with the surrounding green areas. In the common spaces of the condominium, solutions are created that often feature spacious, glass-enclosed areas with natural light.

General plan

The apartments, designed with two facades, enhance the connection with the exterior, ensuring the presence of natural light for a significant part of the day and allowing for flexible organization and freedom of use.

The apparent simplicity of the space, combined with a precise selection of materials, defines comfort and makes this building, consisting of 18 apartments of various types (T1/T3/T4), unique in the city’s context.

Common Spaces

Social Floor

The common area of the building enjoys a privileged relationship with the surrounding green areas and is also where the communal swimming pool is located.



The façade of the Edifício do PARQUE is based on a principle of simplicity, encompassing the image and design of the structure, and defining the building’s identity. Its minimal design does not negate a dynamic interpretation of the façade, resulting from the more or less evident presence of the building’s guardrails. The layout of the single-family dwellings defines its finishing touch.



Always with the aim of considering architecture as a space for contemplation and well-being, each apartment is composed of at least two facades, allowing for a more flexible organization of space and creating inviting environments through natural light. The same philosophy is maintained in the bedrooms, making them ideal spaces for moments of rest and meditation.


Carvalho Araújo

Born in Braga, Portugal, and internationally recognized for projects that harmoniously interact with their surroundings, José Carvalho Araújo embodies an architecture that synthesizes complex concepts into simple and contemporary designs. His design practice is coupled with a strategic vision, seeking different approaches in the fields of architecture, product design, and creative direction. Carvalho Araújo's projects and products are characterized by elegance, embracing a restrained formal attitude while emphasizing the quality of design, proportions, and materials. The design is not a reason for exhibitionism but rather a perfectly rational and simultaneously poetic act.

José Manuel Carvalho Araújo

"The architecture is too important to be limited to mere construction... It must function almost like a place of worship, capable of evoking sensations, shivers, and other things that cannot be explained."