Loulé has its own rhythm, and this characteristic alone becomes an asset for those seeking a distinctive lifestyle. Bordered by the Serra do Caldeirão, characterized by landscapes of extraordinary beauty, and the Atlantic Ocean, Loulé is the result of a fusion between customs, traditions, and a more contemporary way of life.
The dynamics in the city of Loulé are defined by a wide range of access, services, and events, all with the aim of ensuring the consolidation of economic and industrial activities and the well-being of all who reside in it.

Location of Edifício do PARQUE

North: Rua Duarte Pacheco
East: Rua Antiga do Cemitério
South: Joaquim Guerreiro Filipe
West: Judite da Conceição

Living in Loulé


1. Security
2. Location
3. Proximity to beaches
4. Airport 15 minutes away
5. Clean city
6. Accessibility – EN125, A22 and A1
7. Cultural dynamics

Municipal Market 3 minutes away

Festival MED

White Night


Faro Airport 20 minutes away

Algarve Stadium 9 minutes away

Mar Shopping Algarve 9 minutes away